The benefits of olive oil

Is olive oil good for health?

Beyond its taste, l’Is olive oil good for health or is a rumor ? If we are to believe some websites or newspapers, it would be a miracle cure for almost everything : diabetes, cancer, overweight, hair, skin, nails, hypertension … What is it really ?

Does olive oil makes you fat ?

Olive oil is comprised of 100% unlike fat butter that does that in 80%, so we can not say that olive oil, like other oils, does not make you fat. The big difference from a nutritional point of view is that the fat part of “unsaturated fats”. The benefits of olive oil are thus better health.

The mills of Provence respect the traditions that these benefits can be just as effective.

For simplicity, saturated fatty acids solid at room temperature, for example : Butter, crème, pig fat, beef, duck, d’oie, Palm oil. Difficult to evacuate by the body, saturated fatty acids promote bad cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and therefore cardiovascular problems.

huile olive cuillere Les bienfaits de l'huile d'olive ProvençalBox

What olive oil for the skin ?

Olive oil has very high moisturizing and soothing properties. Very simple recipes available for use’olive oil AOP as a moisturizer for dry skin. for example, Mix a little oil with honey and egg yolk.

simply associate olive oil with lavender essential oil and you'll get a healing lotion.

It is also very simple to manufacture Liniment for baby's skin by mixing olive oil with water and talc. This cream will soothe sensitive skin of infants.

For these recipes, prepare at best with organic extra virgin oil.

Benefits of olive oil for hair

Under a little known benefit of olive oil to make a hair mask. Ideal to give hair shine and soothe itchy scalp. Apply the’olive oil on hair and massage before applying a hot towel. Let stand one hour. Rinse without shampoo, it is best to wait 24 hours for the oil to do its job.

Olive oil against constipation

There are several grandmother recipes using olive oil to fight effectively against constipation. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of lemon and drink this mixture on an empty stomach. Renew every morning.

It is also possible to dilute a tablespoon of olive oil with orange juice and drink the mixture fasting.

Olive oil relieves different types of pain

This is because it is loaded with vitamin E, and therefore antioxidant, that olive oil allows the body to protect cells. Follow the tips for using olive oil for all uses : How to use olive oil ?

Olive oil contains the’oleocanthal which has antioxidant properties. This is what gives this taste slightly peppery aftertaste on olive oil “fruity green”. Consuming olive oil reduces joint and muscle pain.

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