Fields and Provence oil mills

Olive oil mills in Provence

Provence is one of the leading players in’olive oil in France. Indeed, This region enjoys a climate suitable for growing many varieties of olives, mainly : Aglandau, Bouteillan, Grossa, small Ribier, Picholine, Salonenque and Tench.

Like the great wines, the work of the olive growers and mills will mix some of these varieties to give a taste of their oil, texture, a characteristic color.

A framed tradition

The fields and oil mills are of Provence, according to their geographical area, framed by different designations of origin. Each name defined in terms of the soil and the climate a number of rules, namely varieties of olive and the number of varieties to use.

for example, on’AOC Provence, it will develop the olive oil with two of the main varieties,  Aglandau, Bouteillan, Cayon, Salonenque, which may be supplemented by secondary varieties such Grossane, Picholine, Tanche, and local varieties Broutignan, Calian, Cynne, Little Black and Verdale.

On the other AOC or AOP have specifications more restrictive, as the Valley of Baux-de-Provence.

Terroir olives of Provence

Provence is composed of several sectors, namely the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes, the Bouches-du-Rhône, Drôme, Gard, Var and Vaucluse. Each region has its peculiarities and traditions : variety of olives, harvest date more or less delayed depending on climate, harvesting method, extraction method and choice of maturation : green or ripe fruity fruity.

Fields and olive oil mills exploit these differences and peculiarities that make olive oil from Provence are all different, a true playground for chefs worldwide.

private mill and oil cooperative

In Provence, certain areas or castles have their own olive grove and mill their own, such as Moulin Castelas Baux de Provence or Chateau Virant Lancon de Provence, the latter producing olive oil Patrick Bruel. But there are also very famous cooperatives that bring together hundreds of small producers, eg olive Cooperative Jean-Marie Cornille Maussane-les-Alpilles or cooperative Mouriès.

In the case of a private estate, checks are made throughout the year to produce a high quality oil. cooperatives, they, can not control as olives and provenance. They allow the right to refuse a shipment if the quality of olives does not conform to the specifications of the AOC or AOP. This guarantees optimum quality again.

olive jus Domaines et moulins à huile de Provence ProvençalBox

Extra virgin olive oil

There are several categories of olive oil classified according to their quality. The best being the’extra virgin olive oil. She must have a lower acidity 0,8%. If the acidity is between 0,8 and 2%, Oil will be decommissioned “Virgin”… Beyond 2%, it will be unfit for consumption and lose all the benefits of olive oil. We call them “lamp oils” and will be used for example to make soap.

In Provence, fields and olive mills mainly produce extra virgin olive oil. The tradition of olive oil, love of this land owners grow to produce very high quality oils. Beyond the oil itself, a special effort is made in recent years to treat labels, bottles and packaging. Olive oil bottles are no longer hidden in the back of a closet but proudly displayed on the kitchen worktop.

Organic olive oil Provence

Organic farming is the new trend. Although almost immortal as a tree, olive remains disease target, and especially “the olive fly”. This fly is laying eggs in the olive making it unsuitable. It was therefore necessary for years treat trees to avoid this “disease”.

Today, more and more farmers to’olive oil AOP lean towards organic agriculture and get to treat the trees with natural clays or other less harmful. Production is less abundant, where an oil Organic extra cost but prices tend to even out over time. However, the extra virgin olive oil “non-organic” compliance still a farming. Provence is no cultivated intensively as our European neighbors on the other side of the Mediterranean.

The olive growers in Provence

It is with confidence that you can choose an olive oil from Provence.

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