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Discover’H oil of domain Leos located in The Isles on Sorgue. Patrick Bruel, Domain owner since 2007, knew by its requirement, give acclaim to these groves abandoned.

This exceptional olive oil is a fruity green intense. Praised by top chefs such as Joël Robuchon (multi starry), Guy Savoy (3 stars), Patrick Fischnaller (1 star). This high-end olive oil sublimate your finest seasonal salads or your dishes.

extra virgin cold extracted olive oil.


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Olive oil of Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel Oil is a olive oil extra virgin, the best olive oils. This means it is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, only by mechanical or thermal conditions that do not lead to deterioration of the oil. In the extra virgin olive oil, nothing is added or removed : everything is natural.

The oil chefs !

Olive oil of Patrick Bruel, a subtle taste

Extra virgin H Oil is characterized by the unique vegetal freshness of its "green fruitiness" : an olive oil with exceptional aromatic power, with lovely long finish, an "ardor" accompanied by a slight bitterness, a very light peppery final note due to the antioxidants, an acidity less than 0,4% which places it at a very high level of quality

Olive oil Leos side kitchen

It's a finishing oil. The aromas will be magnified by the heat of the dishes. A few drops after cooking reveal any kitchen. seasoning, this oil is a miracle. A simple tomato, a little oil and a pinch of fleur de sel de Camargue, and you will be transported in Provence.

Medals and awards Domaine Leos

Patrick Bruel’s Oil received the Gold Medal in, the category "Olive oil from France Fruity green" at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2019, L’Huile H has just won for the second consecutive year the gold medal at the 16th regional olive oil competition of the Provence region, "Gourmet" at the 16th International Competition of World Oils (OFF ON / 2018) in category "light fruity green".

Conditioning oil H Originelle

Domaine Léos H Oil is available in individual glass bottles of 250 ml or 500 ml or gift box. To protect the olive oil from light and its benefits, the bottle is dark in color with a rate of shrinkage in the neck. The olive oil is crushed and pressed at the Moulin de Chateau Virant

FAURE BRAC Huile H - Domaine Leos de Patrick Bruel ProvençalBox

oil original H domain LEOS is a rare remarkable intensity oil. Bewitching and air, one perceives the nose notes of flowers, of fresh herbs and citrus. In mouth, it has an almost root ardence evoking fresh ginger that brings a tart dimension to its smoothness. An oil-condiment of choice can enhance the flavors of a vegetable, a fish, a poultry, a goat cheese and even fruit.

Philippe Faure-Brac

Best sommelier in the world,

guy savoy H Huile H - Domaine Leos de Patrick Bruel ProvençalBox

It is a very fragrant oil, the very marked vegetable flavors (dandelion), a slight taste of fresh thyme ; peppery or spicy aftertaste… I seasoned salad, it was perfect without salt, without pepper, just type. also eaten with goat cheese she “matchait” well. So excellent product !

Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy (3 Michelin star)

christine cheylan Huile H - Domaine Leos de Patrick Bruel ProvençalBox

Oil H is a balanced oil with aromatic flavors supported, which gives it a very long finish. In the tasting, we walk in his garden. The fresh grass notes are present with a floral side. for all that, this is a character peppermint oil because its final note (due to antioxidants) contributes to its presence in the mouth. It is characterized by a note of freshness that gives it its fluidity and harmony.

Christine Cheylan

expert olive and olive production the most successful in France, Mill owner of Château Virant.

Joel Robuchon ouvrira cinq nouveaux restaurants en 2017 et 2018 Huile H - Domaine Leos de Patrick Bruel ProvençalBox
Nice discovery of a wonderful nectar, that olives can give us better. Olive oil H is a real velvet for the most discerning palate. Under intense color with russet highlights, unveils a bouquet of amazing complexity, an admirable balance between the richness and finesse, opulence and freshness. Its subtly spicy fruity, supported by a slight bitterness and pungency controlled, leaves a pleasant memory of purity and harmony. Olive oil H will agree perfectly with vegetables, fine fish, goat cheese… A slight net this aromatic concentrate enough to ward off these dishes and cause your sweetest memories of holidays in the sun.

Joel Robuchon

32 Michelin stars.

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19 reviews for oil H – Leos field of Patrick Bruel

  1. Bas Rhin (verified owner)

    Très bon produit fruité de très bonne qualité, on retrouve le gout de l olive et très agréable.Livraison très rapide et j en suis très content de cette huile très parfumée

  2. AMBERT (verified owner)

    une très belle longueur en bouche et j’adore cette faible amertume. Excellente!!! Très belle découverte!!!

  3. Pequignet

    An explosion of flavors I discovered real olive oil ... I would like to find it by the liter ... really extraordinary !!!
    Thank you for this artistic work


    Following the TF1 broadcast on the olive growing domain of P. Bruel and seeing comments from independent specialists I ordered to test this gold medal olive oil, being a lover of this oil. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to have ordered some 2 bottles on your site. Perfect in every way. cordially. JJC
    Puy de Dome

  5. VANDOMME (verified owner)

    Very good quality olive oil and excellent thank you for this discovery.

  6. Jaap van den Berg (verified owner)

    Leos olive oil is really delicious! Because we are fans of Patrick Bruel, we started this oil and never regretted it! All meals get an extra delicious taste, delicious!

  7. Gosselin (verified owner)

    We tasted this oil only at noon, on a salad endive … it is excellent, a little green as we like olive oil. We definitely recommend …

  8. Boutiere (verified owner)

    Beautiful taste together

  9. Pebble (verified owner)

    I was surprised by opening the bottle by the lovely smell it gives off. I had a mixed salad and enjoyed it. It is as good as odor and a very nice desing. Congratulations on this beverage 😀

  10. Françoise Frossard (verified owner)

    sublime and subtle oil… I correct my spelling mistake…..

  11. Françoise Frossard (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this suptile oil and refined delicate and fragrant taste… We really taste pure olive… Big thanks… I would return to you because the delivery was very quick and the bottle is beautiful… At present the carefree table 👍😊

  12. Jean-louis CONTAT (verified owner)

    I just tested the oil H – for the first time today (handmade pasta & salad), result, it is exceptional, delicious.
    I highly recommend it to all lovers, because it is the same excellence.

  13. Paris

    sensational !
    One word to sum up this olive oil. Nothing else to say, except try.

  14. PHILC (verified owner)

    I far preferred the Andalusian oils, powerful tastes and marked.
    Here I found remarkable qualities: roundness, finesse and subtlety not found until.
    I welcome the progress approach and work.

  15. MARQUILLIER (verified owner)

    I use it since its release, this oil is Royal 😃
    Very fragrant and slightly bitter taste in the mouth.
    Example with burrata and bread Exceptional !
    Big thank you to Patrick

  16. GERMAIN (verified owner)

    wonderful, the flavor of this oil explodes in mouth!!! on a piece of bread, on tomatoes, artichokes…do not put anything more than this oil 😉👌 And thank you Patrick 😘

  17. Claudine Le Corre (verified owner)

    I find this exceptional oil pronounced taste of olives brings me back memories of holidays with my grandparents j sprinkles on tomatoes asparagus southern girl I thank you Patrick artichokes beans

  18. Pichard (verified owner)

    The taste is very subtle,the oil is divine.

  19. Fred

    superb cabinet !!! and a special oil. The bottle is really original, very classy

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